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Jupiter in Taurus: Tenacious, Cautious, and Pleasure-Seeking Those suffering from debts issues may also expect some reasonable relief. For Politically motivated people, this transit is good opportunity to exploit their best potential and expect favor of fortune. Jupiter may bless you with good success in your professional matters. Those expecting promotion or new job may remain lucky. Leo Ascendant people who are working in medical, legal, political or management sector may be best rewarded.

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There may be good news in the family; and those awaiting fixing or finalization of marriage may also expect good support of Jupiter in this respect. The best positive results of Jupiter for Leo Ascendant people are expected from 4 October onwards, when it will retain its retrograde motion for next few months. This transit of Jupiter is also auspicious and supportive for students aspiring for higher education.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Virgo Ascendant: For Virgo Ascendant people, this transit change of Jupiter is likely to be a good relief from long going issues in personal and marital life. During initial stage of its transition; there may be some tensions due to its getting united with debilitated Ketu. However, after couple of weeks — the negative influence may start balancing; and Jupiter may start having its strong positive influence on your horoscope.

Those awaiting marriage, foreign relocation and initiation of business ventures may expect some reasonable support. The positive influence of Jupiter will be more pronounced after 15 June onwards; and during its retrograde motion period from 4 October to 29 January , Jupiter may even give strong and positive results related to property, vehicle and financial gains. Those dealing in financial institutions or trading may remain extra cautious.

Problems in marriage and family are also possible due to this transit. Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Scorpio Ascendant: Transit Jupiter will be entering into seventh house for Scorpio Ascendant people; and is looking to be quite auspicious and favorable for overall matters of life. Its primary positive influence may be on your marriage and family matters. Those facing problems in marriage related matters may expect a reasonable amount of relief.

This transit is also auspicious and supportive for expecting positive results in progeny. There may be betterment in your professional matters; and chances of having success in foreign related matters are also prominent. The positive influence of Jupiter will be more pronounced from 15 June onwards; and during its retrograde motion — the strong results related to financial gains are also possible. During its transit from sixth house of your Natal Birth Chart, Jupiter may generate health issues and fear of injuries.

The negative influence of Jupiter is looking more pronounced during initial period of transit change. There may be arguments, disputes, and fear of reputation loss due to this inauspicious transit. There may also remain instability in profession; and loss of job is also possible. For matters related to foreign journey, and initiation of new business venture; this transit is looking supportive.

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Those aspiring for higher education in foreign lands may also have some good support. It may increase your expenses and may also create problems in financial dealings. There may be some dilution in the negativity of Jupiter from 15 June onwards; though, caution should still be exercised. There may be gain of property, vehicle or ornaments. From 15 June onwards, the positive influence of transit Jupiter on your Natal Birth Chart will be more pronounced; and some good developments are also expected in job and profession.

Aquarius ascendant people are, however, remain vulnerable to health issues and bad habits due to inauspicious transit of Ketu joining transit Jupiter in fourth house of their Lagna Chart.

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However, it also makes you vulnerable to accident and injuries. Those having strong and well placed Jupiter in their horoscope; may expect strong success in professional and social matters. This transit of Jupiter is also auspicious for relocation to distant place and foreign journeys. The inauspicious influence of Jupiter will be more pronounced during initial few months; while from 15 June onwards, the Jupiter will be exerting positive and favorable influence on your horoscope.

This transit may also increase your expenses; however, simultaneous financial gains are also possible. Avoid manipulation and unethical approach else the positive attributes of Jupiter may become weak and ineffective. Hi Sir, Your predictions are absolutely correct,My ascendent is Sagittarus and my rashi is Kanya,I think these predictions are based upon ascendent,I lost my job on june 08 , so many financial problems and yelinati shani is also running ,can you please tell me If jupiter leaves Taurus will it be good for me and If jupiter turns direct in Taurus will I get a job???

Namaskar, Myself is Gaurav aggarwal. The point here is that nobody likes impositions, so this person has to remember it and try to keep control of his Ego. Jupiter in Virgo is in Exile, is not the best place for it but, like Gemini its other exile, we have not tragedies with this position, but simply a low expression of Jupiter, which produces specific psychological traits, very good in their particular fields. Remember that Mercury in Virgo is even in Exaltation.

The Jupiter-Virgo person has a great capacity of concentration, if he focus on some task, all his essence is in there, he works hardly and is extremely diligent and persistent.

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That makes him even totally reliable because he is a true perfectionist: if you want an excellent work, he is your man. Jupiter in Libra gives a deep love for harmony that expresses itself through the balance between aesthetic and ethic. The Jupiter-Libra person has a very refined taste for arts and beauty in each one of its expressions, but at the same time, he has also a great sense of justice and morality, because the inner beauty and the exterior beauty have the same importance for him.

The knowledge of Jupiter united with the intellectual plane of the Air of Libra give to him a great dialectical ability and the capacity to face any kind of verbal fight. He is very good in using words to punish those who deserve it, but even to reward them. Sometimes he can be perceived as snooty by others, especially because he is direct and blunt with his words, but his great generosity and integrity is capable to attract many friends. This person is really good on love relationships and could have many of them in his life, but one at a time always, because his integrity makes him a faithful lover.

The thirst for knowledge of Jupiter, in Scorpio becomes a great passion for all the deepest sides of life. Of course, the spirituality of Jupiter matches very good with this. He cannot accept the surface, he needs to go beyond the surface of everything: himself, the other people, mankind, God, the Cosmos, etc.

In Scorpio, the need for learning of Jupiter expresses itself in making this person an optimum observer, he is capable to notice and elaborate every single little detail about people, matters and situations, and, consequently, understand them very fast and very deeply, and above all take their intimate essence.

Those are the gifts from Jupiter when meets the occult fire of his brother Pluto, the other Lord of Scorpio. That fire sometimes is painful, because transformation passes through crisis, and crisis means pain. Very often the Jupiter-Scorpio person torment himself with thoughts, reflections, overthinking, because that research for deepness makes him really demanding and ambitious in every aspect of life: job, relationships, shopping, sports, etc.

If you take him on a bad moment during that torment, he can be able to really hurt you with his razor words. Fortunately, the wisdom and the strength of Jupiter makes him capable to overcome every crisis and rise again renewed and stronger. Jupiter in Sagittarius is in domicile, it is inside his reign, here, it has full balanced power.

Jupiter In Taurus (Traits and Characteristics) - Vedic Astrology

So, the Jupiter-Sagittarius person looks for any kind of knowledge: through books, through experiences, through people, through life. He is farsighted and open minded. That makes him polyhedral, eclectic and a true expert in a great amount of different matters. All of that, just because he has a strong impulse to self-improvement, to growing, to evolution as human being first and as a leader later, thanks to the powerful expansive strength of Jupiter in Sagittarius. He is wise, really wise. When the Sagittarius Sign meets Jupiter, it embodies the centaur Chiron, the sage of the sages, who was the mentor of the greatest heroes.

In fact, the Jupiter-Sagittarius person is incredibly sociable and often a natural leader, a point of reference, a charismatic master that can guide you through any trial and toward any goal. Philosophy, spirituality, religion or even metaphysic, are fields where this person feels like home, thanks to his knowledge, but even thanks to his intuition and his unbreakable faith. With that powerful bow he is capable to launch his arrow to the far highest points and hit the target.

That means original ideas, ambition, enthusiasm, self-confidence, optimism and success in any aspect of life where this person focus his great resources. Just a note: Sometimes too much interests and activities makes this person a little bit inconstant, so it could be hard for him understanding what he really want to do.

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The Jupiter-Capricorn person is very ambitious and looks for great goals or wants to reach a good social status. That makes him even efficient, precise, responsible and a very reliable person. If you need someone trustful to do an important job or to entrust something precious, he is your man. The main issue here is that it is not the same for him: Mistrust is a strong trait of the Jupiter-Capricorn person.

Into the Earth element, more material and less spiritual, becomes lack of faith in other people above all. It could be really hard getting the trust of this person, but if you get it, you gained a true friend and a powerful allied. In the long distance, all of this could lead him to disillusion shadow side of Jupiter and consequently, even to laziness another shadow side of Jupiter , because disillusion easily causes lack of motivation and then no will for acting.

There are no half-measures here: the Jupiter-Capricorn person has to face up his personal trials, like believing in himself, believing in others and believing in a possible better world; if he looses, he is nothing, but if he wins, he will be the King of the Cosmos. Jupiter matches good with Aquarius, because the element Air is the mind plane, which in Aquarius becomes intellectuality, and the philosopher Jupiter loves it and expands it very well. The person with this Jupiter in the Natal Chart loves knowledge, especially all those knowledges that permit to him an elevation; all the metaphysical fields are often his favorites, and so the esoteric disciplines.

Meaning and Significance of Jupiter in Taurus Vedic Astrology

Aquarius is already idealist and dreamer, but the intuition and the justice of Jupiter expands those traits beyond limits; this person always looks for the highest ideals and is often a visionary who follows some utopian ideal. Arcadia is the site where Jupiter has placed his father Saturn after his long punishment into the Tartarus, in a sort of final reconciliation. He never looks for elevation just for himself, but always to help his friends, the people around him or even to try to save the whole mankind. Jupiter creates a good bond between this person and the intuition plane, in the highest place of the psyche, so he is able to see the big picture about a particular situation and problems, especially about his friends or other people, and he is really good in finding solutions.

This person naturally feels the need for helping others and saving them from trouble, thanks to his wonderful ideas and the many gifts that Jupiter gave to him. Jupiter here is the ruler, so it expresses his full balanced power. Water Element represents the Emotional Plane which is connected to the unconscious. The Jupiter-Pisces person is full of imagination, a great dreamer often very creative, not necessarily through art, but in every side of life. He is curious, very optimist, ambitious, exuberant, full of interests, and full of faith in other people above all.

He believes that everybody have something good within and he wants to see it. It makes it incredibly sociable and capable to be quickly enthusiastic for every new encounter and also able to give himself completely to the others. The only issue with this, is that too much optimism and a blind faith in others could make this person a little bit naive. In Pisces the spirituality of Jupiter expands itself beyond every limit, helped even by his brother Neptune, the other ruler of this Sign. The Jupiter-Pisces person transcends the common concept of spirituality, like religions, dogmas, rites, etc.

Occult sciences, esoteric disciplines and metaphysics are fields where he usually is at home, because are helpful for the research of God and the quest for enlightenment that he is facing. That quote by F. Always remember that is fundamental considering the Aspects, the Dignities, the Debilities and the Astrological House that involve Jupiter to have a deep understanding of it, and of course, it is important even considering how it combines with your Sun Sign. Eh, I think Leo is a much fiercer sign than was portrayed and should be the warrior-king.

It was also the only sign that was both bestial and fully feral Sagittarius being considered only half feral and the rest of the animal signs were only bestial. Therefore, it uses its own strength and force of will to expand and bring about success. Surely, your point of view about Jupiter and Leo is interesting, nice.

But speaking about the Domiciles, Jupiter can rule Sagittarius and Pisces only, just because Domiciles are attributed according to their orbital motions and orbital distances from the Sun and the Moon. And yes, I remember reading about the rational of using the orbits to categorize the domiciles of the planets. I said that more as a hypothetical scenario since I do prefer the Sun as ruler of Leo.

But I think that Cybele although its not a planet or some other warlike or wild planet should also have some influence over Leo if only for the fact to remind people about its more feral qualities that people seem to have forgotten although its very animal symbol of the lion should make it clear. Rationality cannot be merciful. But the wisdom of Jupiter makes him more reflective and orientated in shooting his arrow toward some high goal. He was the one who killed the Python who tried to torment his mother esoterically, replaced earth goddess worship with sky god worship.

He was the one who killed the Cyclops who fashioned the thunderbolts with which Zeus used to kill his son, Asclepius. And it was for this action that Zeus almost sent him to Tartarus but instead made him serve as a slave for a mortal king, Admetos. In an older version, both Apollo and Poseidon were sent to earth to serve a king of Troy and build its walls for their role in helping Hera in yet another rebellion.

Like Athena, it was Apollo who was one of the most active gods in the lives of heroes, And had the most adventures. And in the same Iliad, a mortal warrior who was given powers by Athena who Ares would also later lose to in a fight was able to badly wound Ares, but then the same warrior is later repelled by Apollo and who also is credited with wounding Patroclus to be killed by Hector and killing even Achilles himself!

Finally, even when Apollo was absorbed by the Romans in real life and although they held Mars in higher regard than the Greeks held Ares; they turned to Apollo on the advice of an oracle in their prayers to help save them during the Punic Wars with Carthage their most dangerous and infamous wars instead of Mars.

Apollo was a force of both creation or destruction. He often helped heroes, but he would also slay them. He was a god of healing but also of plague. He was a musician and Oracle, but also an impulsive warrior. And he was often compared and contrasted to another tempermental brother who some ancient and modern philosophers regarded as being two sides of the same coin: Dionysus, god of wine and theatre, but also of rage, madness, mysticism and also associated with Leo and lions.

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Thanks again for helping to clarify all of this and having such an interesting and philosophical chat with me! I really appreciate it!

Know result of planet Jupiter in Taurus Zodiac Sign (Jupiter sign Taurus) as per Vedic Astrology

We have our faults, of course, like any other sign. But anyway your post and follow up comments did a good job of clarifying some of the questions I had! Honestly speaking, I love being around your website, it is full of in-depth analysis and you are very honest in your writing.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Iam a gemini sun, pisces ascendant, and I have my jupiter in gemini, how will jupiter transmitting sagittarious in affect me? Please answer my question it is causing me a lot of worry. What matters the most is the position of your natal Jupiter and how this transit could act on it. Skip to content Share the astrological knowledge with your friends:. Do you want to know all the other pieces that compose your personality?